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Maori Music Publishing

With us you're a name, not a number!

Song Submissions

Looking to publish your songs?

MAORI MUSIC is an independent UK Music Publisher, Royalty Administrator and Rights Management Company, established in 1990 and a Full Publisher Member of PRS For Music.

Our music publishing services are open to any Band / Act of any level and in any musical style in the UK or Abroad to promote their music for use in Film / TV / Media Projects and help in the recovery and collection of "live", broadcast, digital, performance, print, mechanical and PPL / neighbouring rights royalties.

We regularly uncover incomes others overlook and prevent un-distributable revenues that others would allow to be lost.


  • 28+ years publishing experience
  • No sign up / upfront fees
  • Unique multiple ADVANCE options
  • We pay you 80% of publishing royalties
  • We pay you 50% of PPL royalties
  • Live & Broadcast royalty recovery
  • YouTube royalty recovery
  • Extensive range of services
  • Your music is promoted for Sync
    use in Film / TV / Media Projects
  • Monthly royalty payments
  • Flexible contracts
  • You always keep your copyrights
  • Cancellation on just 28 days notice

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Maori Music provides specialist publishing services for UK and International clients.

Whether it's recovering royalties from "live" performances (backdated 7 years in many cases), Radio / TV broadcasts, or in promoting your music for potential use in Film / TV / Media projects, we've got the service for you.
We work most effectively with Bands / Acts from the UK, Bahamas, Gibraltar, Malta and Cyprus, but work with clients Worldwide.

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Get your music out there!

We can work with all clients to distribute and sell your music Worldwide on major outlets such as iTunes / Spotify / Amazon etc., through your own imprint or our label, Confidential Records.


A Studio exclusively for you!

We have our own recording studio exclusively for use by our clients, providing high quality mixing, mastering and recording services at competitive prices.


Maori Music Publishing

With us you're a name, not a number!

Maori Music Publishing
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Maori Music Publishing UK Ltd
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